Community Engagement

Working with the staff at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences (a branch of Bastyr University) I came to understand the modalities of treatment by Naturopathic Physicians. These included nutrition, deep tissue massage, and other modalities like acupuncture. They were very helpful to clients. I manged to get an entire suite of offices in a local hospitality donated and I set up a Wellness Clinic where Naturopathic (NDs) and Allopathic (MDs) worked together effectively.  The anti-HIV cocktail had not been embraced yet in Phoenix where in the early 90s most people were on monotherapy.

My first community based work was in Phoenix AZ where I was the Director of the Being Alive Program at AIDS Project Arizona. My program was Ryan White funded and included mounting educational events and managing a Buyers  Club. The cocktail had not been embraced yet in Phoenix where in the early 90s most people were on monotherapy.

I was a member of the local Ryan White Council. I led their first research initiative assessing the needs of  their local HIV infected population.

I became the Executive Director of an new agency called "A Place Called Home". We rehabilitated four homes for congregate living for the homeless with HIV. I learned how to raise money and write grants for HUD/HOPWA support. I was trained by Bailey House staff from New York City. Gradually the agency would expand its services to include scattered site housing.


Project Arizona

Wellness Clinic Founded

Executive Director 

"A Place

Called Home"

Executive Director 

"Pride Senior


I returned to NYC to become the first Executive Director of "Pride Senior Network" supported by a 3 year grant from the New York Foundation.  The agency was an advocacy and research effort for LGBT Seniors. With guidance from Emeritus Marjorie Cantor, a renowned researcher on aging, I became immersed in the field of gerontology. I would also meet the powerful feminist, LGBT and HIV activist Urvashi Vaid and the staff of the NGLTF (Policy). I helped them edit the white paper "Outing Age". I launched a newspaper for LGBT Seniors with 80,000+ readers and secured funding for a large scale research study of LGBT Caregiving. Fundraising was a constant. I was able to host 2 fashion shows on Fire Island where donated designer clothing (Gucci, Oscar DeLarenta, Prada, Spade, Calvin Klein, and more) was worn by Fire Island Pines residents on a runway and auctioned to highest bidders. Women from Sex in the City hosted the event.  During my 3 years at Pride Senor I became aware of the growing older adult community with HIV.