My research career began as a pre- and post-doc fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons funded by the Parkinson Disease Foundation. Subsequently I became a faculty member with appointments in Neurology and Psychiatry in the Division of Neuroscience.

     My NIH and NSF funded research focused on the immune bases of seizure disorders which would morph into studies of lipid enhancement of functional recovery after CNS ischemia.

My first community based work began in Phoenix AZ where I was a program Director at AIDS Project AZ and would found a Clinic for both Alopathic and Naturopathic  treatment for people living with HIV. Subsequently I became the first Executive Director of an agency that provided congregate housing for the homeless with HIV with HOPWA and private funding. 

     I returned to NYC to be the NY Foundation funded Executive Director of Pride Senior Network, an advocacy and research agency for LGBT seniors. During that 3 year period I would become imbued in issues of aging, and, HIV.

In 2002 I joined ACRIA (AIDS Community Research Initiative of America)  to supervise their long standing clinical trials program and to launch an aggressive research program on older adults with HIV. That research (ROAH: Research on Older Adults with HIV) would propel myself and ACRIA into a leadership position locally, nationally and globally on HIV and Aging. I joined the faculty of the New York University College of Nursing and became a member  of the Einstein- Rockefellar-Hunter CFAR and the American Academy of HIV Medicine/American Geriatrics Society HIV Aging Collaborative Initiative which developes guidelines for the clinical management of older adults with HIV. 

Columbia University Medical School (P & S)

During my research years at Columbia University Medical School or based in a community agency, the rigors of the scientific

method was a constant. Dissemination of data is the last step. I give high priority to achieving clarity in peer reviewed publications, grants, executive summaries, presentations or content for media. Exposition is often the most difficult challenge in the scientific process.